Tamam Global is a collective of South Sudanese creatives and entrepreneurs who are united in the belief that the people of the Republic of South Sudan (ROSS), are our richest resource and offer the best solution to the nation’s challenges and prosperity.

Tamam Global is not politically affiliated and purely focuses on the unification and elevation of the people of ROSS irrespective of tribal or political affiliations.

Tamam Global was formed in 2009, pre-Independence. We have successfully curated and organised a variety of events for the UK ROSS community, ranging from the first official Independence of ROSS party in the UK, to a  high a profile debate and concert featuring ex-child soldier and internationally acclaimed musician and human rights activist Emmanuel Jal and other prominent ROSS musicians.

The word “Tamam”(pronounced ‎tamām), is used in social interactions and has a variety of positive definitions and connotation in different languages. In Arabic Juba, (the common tongue of the people of ROSS), “Tamam” can mean “Very good”, In Arabic, “Fine”, Turkish “Complete” or “Correct” in Hindi, “Entire” and “All”.


Celebrating SS Flyer
Are you a South Sudanese business owner or sell any South Sudanese related products? If so you can sell your products at the event for absolutely no charge. All we ask is for 10% voluntary donation from sales to cover cost of event. Please enter your information below.

In order to confirm your participation at the event please provide us with the following information.
Terms & Conditions

PURPOSE: The vendor must clearly display their product information including ingredients that may cause harm/ allergens. We reserve the rights to decline a vendor or product.

HOURS OF OPERATION: The vendor can trade with guests between the hours of 5pm-10.30pm only.

INSTALLATION AND TEAR DOWN: The vendor must set up and operate their allocated table/area at the venue by 3pm latest on Saturday 9th July 2016. Vendors must promptly pack up and clear their allocated area at 10.30pm and be out of the venue by 11pm.

EQUIPMENT: The Vendor will be provided with one table and up to two chairs. (We can provide a table cloth upon request).

PAYMENT The vendor is required to donate a minimum of 10% of their sales proceeds to the event organisers to cover event costs. Payment will be resolved at the conclusion of the event on the 9th July at the venue.

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Are you South Sudanese or have anything related to the people or the Republic of South Sudan that you’d like to share? You are welcome to share your talent, culture, knowledge, skills and ideas on our open-mic platform. Please enter your information below.

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